The 3rd Place: Hybrid Space

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5.    October 8 – 14: The 3rd Place: Hybrid Space

Hybrid environments, virtual architectures, game spaces, telematic installations, etc. have blurred the demarcation between physical and virtual space, local and remote presence. We’ll review seminal hybrid spaces including MUDS/MOOS, The CAVE, The Palace, Second Life and installations that unite the physical and the virtual.  How do these multi-user environments challenge and stimulate collaboration, dialogue, live performance, installation, role-playing, sharing, and media distribution? How do multi-user spaces in general challenge the one-to-many paradigm of traditional media, as well as impact the quality and intimacy of social interaction despite physical separation?

Schedule for Week 5:

  • Monday -  Friday: Individual Skype sessions/everyone this week (same times as last week)
  • by Tuesday: post your first comment in the discussion forum question for this week
  • Tuesday – Thursday: respond to  comments in the discussion forum (see topics below), and be sure and check the email notifications box. It is recommended to post 1 initial comment and at least two responses for purposes of conversation.
  • by Thursday: presenters for this week are: Daniel, Colin, Dylan, and Abraham, who are working on projects that explore the integration of virtual and physical spaces. They will discuss their work in the context of one of the readings or artworks. Post your presentation in the “project” category to the OSS site.
  • By Friday: Everyone needs to post an update for the OSS project, detailing ideas, work-in-progress, and related research.
  • Friday: Live OSS Session / presentations (10/12, 1 – 4 PM PDT, Adobe Connect)
  • Ongoing: post “project” and “research” work on the OSS site

Diego Robles will participate in Robert Whitman's Local Report, (10/11, 4 – 5 PM PDT)

For Discussion:

  • How do we resolve the impermanence of the Web? This is nearly impossible to answer but the implications for net artists and the larger net culture are huge. How do artists work in a medium that is constantly in a state of becoming obsolescent? Moderated by Peiyi Wong
  • Is the Internet public space? This issue came up in our discussion of Cory Archangel's Working on My Novel. Is it fair game to appropriate and reuse anything placed into the domain of the Web? Copyright laws have yet to tackle this issue. Moderated by Dylan Fergus.

Recommended Reading:

  • Pavel Curtis, “Mudding: Social Pheonomena in Text-Based Virtual Realities,” Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality
  • Oliver Grau, “Telepresence: Art and History of an Idea,” Virtual Art from Illusion to Immersion
  • Kelly Shindler, Life After Death: An Interview with Eva and Franco Mattes, Art 21

Works for Review:

Extended Notes:

  • Nathan Ruyle office hours for technical help (11 – 1 on Fridays) (
  • checking OSS Announcements
  • Individual meeting time confirmation / reason for weekly sessions / virtual drop-in studio visits
  • Grading system sent out, let me know if you have any questions during individual meetings
  • Keeping up with OSS (discussion forum, weekly project/research posts are most critical)
  • The discussion forum: topics and pacing
  • OSS projects: preparation for the November 2nd deadline for the project hyperessay (see Week 8 description, User Manual/Hyperessay)
  • Review special dates and times: Oct. 29 (Monday 7 – 10 pm), November 9 (6-8pm), November 16th (10:00 am – 12 pm)
  • Peiyi's contribution to this week's photo feed: thoughts on the collective image
  • The OSS chat transcript and the collective narrative
  • Techniques of posting and some additional thoughts on net art from last week
  • Report on Robert Whitman's Local Report 2012 at Eyebeam: Diego (next week as guest speaker)
  • Brainstorm ideas for a collective installation for the OSS show in C108
  • The Wayback Machine: artifacts of the net
  • I just threw up in my mouth: the internet as public space
  • LambdaMOO: Seminal roots of the 3rd Place
  • What does it mean to inhabit the 3rd Place: What is real life?
  • Daniel: distributed dance
  • Abraham: cross-cultural conduit
  • Colin: sonic space of the LA freeways
  • Dylan: augmented CalArts
  • Livestream presentation/workshop, Visual Music conference, Nangyang Technological University, Singapore