Private vs. Public

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7.    October 22 – 28: Private vs. Public

Global communication has challenged and penetrated all previous notions of the divide between public and private space. We’ll take a critical look at mobile media, webcam technology, reality TV, surveillance, self-publishing, and social media, concerning the loss of the private, the commodification of personal demographics, and the changing nature of social relations in the virtual community. How does the Open Source Studio project bring the educational and artistic process into a highly visible public arena, and what are the ramifications and opportunities inherent in this transparency?

Schedule for Week 7:

  • Tuesday -  Thursday: Individual Skype sessions
  • by Tuesday: post your first comment in the discussion forum topics for this week
  • Tuesday – Thursday: respond to  comments in the discussion forum (see topics below). It is recommended to post 1 initial comment and at least two responses in each topic.
  • by Thursday: presenters for this week are: Jessica, Kay, Conor, Peiyi, Bram. They will discuss their work-in-progress in the context of this week’s topic as applicable. Incorporate additional context from the list of recommended readings/artworks below. Presenters: post your presentation in the “project” category to the OSS site.
  • By Friday: Everyone needs to have written a project and/or research post : detailing project ideas, work-in-progress, and related research.
  • Friday: Live OSS Session (10/26, 1 – 4 PM PDT, Adobe Connect)

For Discussion:

Recommended Reading:

  • Steve Mann, Cyborg, “Imaging the Cyborg Revolution,” Anchor, 2001
  • The Peep Dairies: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and our Neighbors, Hal Niedzviecki 2009
  • Mark Andrejevic, Reality TV: The Work of Being Watched, Rowman and Littlefield
  • Trebor Scholz, “Facebook as Playground and Factory,” Facebook and Philosophy
  • Interview with Eva and Franco Mattes
  • Eva and Franco Mattes, biography
  • Carrol / Fletcher, Eva and Franco Mattes, Frieze
  • Julia Bryan Wilson, Eva and Franco Mattes, Art Forum

Works for Review:

Extended Notes:

– reminder for Ricardo Dominguez on Monday, October 29th
– review project hyperessay / show Jonah Brucker-Cohen’s Crank the Web (project hyperessays are due no later than 10am PDT on Friday, November 2nd, so that I have time to create a powerpoint (see below)
– Tom Leeser: Michael Asher, installation at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, 2008
– private v public overview of relevant works and concepts: have we given up on privacy?
– Hasan Elahi: Giving up our data
– Michael Asher and the Open Source Museum
– presentations by Jessica, Kay, Conor, Peiyi, Bram
– for next week: 2 hours of project reviews, followed by a 1 hour discussion of the end of the semester group exhibition in C108. I will download images from each project hyperessay as part of a powerpoint presentation that I will assemble and run during the reviews. Each of you will have 5 minutes for a  review of your work followed by 5 minutes of discussion. The goal of the group exhibition discussion is to begin shaping the scope, layout, and configuration of the show. The following are preliminary plans (this will be further refined on November 2)

  • Sunday, December 9 – Wednesday, December 12 – installation/setup
  • Thursday, December 13 – Friday, December 14 – exhibition
  • Friday, December 14, 1 – 4pm final seminar
  • Saturday, December 15, strike?

Additional items to be considered:

  • site-specific works are represented in the show with documentation
  • scheduling all synchronous performance works
  • how to represent the OSS process (I am considering printouts for my own contribution to the show)
  • finalizing all equipment needs based on available IM resources, etc.
  • designing the exhibition, layout, audio-visual configuration, etc.
  • postcards/posters for the exhibition
  • social media announcements
  • reception
  • Livestream broadcasting the exhibition